The Glenbrooks Invitational & Round Robin


Registration closeD

Who? We will only be taking one entry to this tournament. This tournament has been designated a TOC Qualifier at the Octofinal level.

When? November 22-27, 2019

Where? Glenbrook North High School, 2300 Shermer Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062

How much? $450 (covers airfare and extended stay in hotel)


Sophie Verska & Will Sjostrom (VPF)

Mr. Jeffrey Miller, 404.514.8002

It can take up to 48 hours to update this section. Please be patient if you have registered and do not see your name yet.

Travel Plans

FLIGHT information

Flight Airports Depart Arrival
Delta 1008 ATL ORD 8:04pm 9:13pm
Delta 1612 ORD ATL 4:25pm 7:28pm

HOTEL information


Saturday, November 23rd
8:00am - Round 1
10:00am - Round 2
12:30pm - Round 3
2:45pm - Round 4
5:00pm - Round 5

Sunday, November 24th
8:00am - Round 6
10:30am - Round 7
1:00pm - Double Octofinals
2:30pm - Octofinals
4:00pm - Quarterfinals

Monday, November 25th
8:30am - Semifinals
11:00am - Finals

Tuesday, November 26th
9:00am - Round 1
11:00am - Round 2
1:30pm - Round 3
3:30pm - Round 4

Wednesday, November 27th
8:00am - Round 5
10:00am - Round 6
12:00pm - Round 7

Follow the tournament live on their Tabroom page or follow the team’s updates via our twitter @maristdebate by texting 40404 “follow @maristdebate”.