John Edie Holiday Debates & Round Robin at Blake School


Registration CLOSeS OCTOBER 20

Who? Any returning debater can sign up. This tournament has been designated a TOC Qualifier at the Octofinal level.

When? December 19-22, 2019

Where? Marriott City Center Minneapolis

How much? $250 (covers airfare)


Sophie Verska & Will Sjostrom
Claire Lauterbach & Sydney Vance
Maggie Nahas
Anthony Ovadje & Lauryn Walker
Lianna Homrich & Ian Chung
Victoria Turnier & Melissa Valencia

Mr. Jeffrey Miller, 404.514.8002
Mr. Chad Meadows

It can take up to 48 hours to update this section. Please be patient if you have registered and do not see your name yet.



We will leave Thursday morning or afternoon.


Minneapolis Marriott Center
30 South 7th Street Minneapolis Minnesota 55402


Friday, December 20

8:00am – Round 1
10:00am – Round 2
1:00pm – Round 3
4:00pm – Round 4
7:00pm – Round 4

Saturday, December 21

8:00am – Round 6
11:00am – Triple Octofinals
12:30pm – Double Octofinals
3:00pm – Octofinals
5:00pm - Quarterfinals
8:00pm - Semifinals
10:00pm - Finals

Sunday, December 22

8:00am - RR Round 1
9:15am - RR Round 2
10:30am - RR Round 3
12:30pm - RR Round 4
1:45pm - RR Round 5
3:30pm - RR Semifinals
5:00pm - RR Finals

Follow the tournament live on their Tabroom page or follow the team’s updates via our twitter @maristdebate by texting 40404 “follow @maristdebate”.