Speech & Debate Camp Information

It is never too early to begin preparation for next debate season.  No matter your grade, summer is a prime opportunity for you to improve.   During summer, I recommend that every person on our team attend some type of institute whether it’s for public forum debate, policy debate, congressional debate, or a speech event.  

Debate camp is an increasingly important part of debate. Not only does it allow a debater to mature over the summer as a person, it greatly improves just about every skill with debate. All debaters that attend debate camp improve in just about every way as debaters – research, speaking, skills (flowing or efficiency), argument knowledge, and topic knowledge. In addition, they research to produce vast quantities of evidence that help throughout the season to secure victories. Finally, most camps have debaters debate many times during the course of the camp, allowing for great practice.

Although price is sometimes an issue, 99% of debaters find that camp is worth the money and a joyful experience. Additionally, the majority of camps offer financial aid that is not difficult to obtain if one applies early enough.  A typical day at debate camp consists of an early breakfast followed by either a lecture important to the year’s resolution or a lab meeting. Either way, lab follows a lecture until lunch time. After lunch, labs meet once more to engage in drills or practice debates and the day usually concludes with practice on personal skills through rebuttal re-dos (scripted rebuttal speeches to rehearse perfection) as well as speed drills (to practice speed reading) and flow drills (to practice note-taking at high speeds). Sometimes, labs travel in groups for fun activities in the evening as well, such as to the movie theater. Finally, dinner is followed by a shortened lab period. At the end of the day, students are able to spend time in their dorms, enjoy themselves, and are instructed to sleep by a certain time. Although this schedule occurs in different orders depending on the camp, the same basic structure is present at all camps.

The following six debate camps are the coach's recommendations for each event.  If you are interested in another camp, please talk with your coach prior to applying.

Top Policy Debate Camp

Michigan State University

"The HSS program at MSU provided me the best opportunity for success before my senior year. The level of instruction and quality of competition is unrivaled."
- Duvall Adair '17, attended Michigan State debate camps in 2015 and 2016.

Ms. Schirmer works at the MSU debate camp!

July 8 - July 27 --- $2,750
July 8 - August 3 --- $4,200
June 17 - August 3 --- $6,350

Top Extemp Camp

Emerson College & Simpson College

This camp provides some of the top instruction from National Champions and National Champion Extemp coaches.

July 7 - July 21 --- $2,900
July 22 - August 5 --- $2,400

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Top Public Forum Camp

Emerson College & Simpson College

"NDF attracts the most talented staff and attendees that the country has to offer, providing the latter with all the tools to succeed in this activity"
-Connor Fraundorf '17, attended NDF Boston camp in 2016.

Mr. Miller works at the NDF debate camps!

July 9 - July 23, 2017 --- $2,900
July 28-August 6, 2017  ---$2,000


Other Policy Debate Camp

Georgetown University

Ms. Schirmer works at the Georgetown camp!

June 17 - July 8 --- $3,449

Local Policy Debate and Public Forum Camp

Emory University

"The Emory camp offered a legitimate competitive atmosphere where my skills and research abilitites were strengthened. 
- Michael Torpy '17, attended the ENDI camp in 2016.

Drew work at the ENDI camp!

June 3 - June 23, 2018 --- $2,550
June 10 - June 23, 2018 --- $1,700
June 3 - June 12, 2018 --- $1,200

Top Lincoln Douglas Camp Recommendation 

Colorado College

This new camp brings together faculty members from former camps that provide some of the best instruction for national circuit lincoln douglas competition. 


July 2nd - July 22nd, 2017 --- $2,700