2019-2020 Travel Schedule

September 6-9: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY [JV/Varsity]
September 21: Vestavia Hills, Birmingham, AL [MS/Novice]
September 25: Marist Scrimmage [MS/Novice]
September 27-29: Holy Cross School, New Orleans, LA [JV/Varsity]
October 10: Marist Scrimmage [MS/Novice]
October 11-12: Saint James School, Montgomery, AL [MS/Novice/JV/Varsity]
October 18-21: Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, NY [Varsity]
November 1-2: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL [JV/Varsity]
November 6: Marist Scrimmage [MS/Novice]
November 8-10: Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley, MN [JV/Varsity]
November 15-16: Carrollton High School, Carrollton, GA [Novice/JV/Varsity]
December 4: Marist Scrimmage [MS/Novice]
December 12-14: Dowling High School, West Des Moines, IA [Varsity]
December 20-22: Blake School, Minneapolis, MN [Varsity]
January 8: Marist Scrimmage [MS/Novice]
January 10-13: University School, Fort Lauderdale, FL [Varsity]
January 18: Alpharetta High School, Alpharetta, GA [Novice/JV/Varsity]
January 22-23: Ivy Street Round Robin @ Marist [All required to help]
January 24-26: Emory University, Atlanta, GA [Varsity]
February 7-8: First & Second Year State Championship [Novice/JV]
February 14-17: Bingham High School, Salt Lake City, UT [Novice/JV/Varsity]
April 4-6: NDCA National Championship @ Indiana University, Bloomington, IN [Varsity]
April 16-22: Tournament of Champions @ University of Kentucky [Qualifiers]